The main materials are white clay and red clay mined at local (Binh Duong province, Vietnam). Go through the hands of experienced craftsmen, this material become a lot items with attractive shape, for instance: pot, vase, animal....¸after glazed and fired at a temperature of 1150 OC – 1200 OC, these items will be hard and lustrous.

Besides, We are very proud of our success in creating a new material from mixing available clay and some chemicals. It is called “Black clay”. Speciality of this new material is harder than white clay. The most important is that “Black clay” is able to bear hard weather as frost in European country.

Colour–Glazed ware:

The ceramic colours have undergone a chemical change in the kiln at temperature 1150o C – 1200o C and then are hard and lustrous. ¸Aiming at catching client’s experienced eyes, our high-skilled and creative staffs always create new unique and fashionable colours.

Specially, our some new colours called Blossom green, Blossom Black, Multi khaki, multi pink, multi orange, multi blue black.... will be more attractive when they are poured and covered on black clay items.



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